Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Single/EP Review - Capitals - Sinking Ships / Jealousy

More double A side frolics, this time coming from Edinburgh based duo Capitals with their singles 'Sinking Ships' and 'Jealousy' which were released on Monday 12th March via their Bandcamp on a pay-as-you-wish basis.

The comparisons with Radiohead don't end in their decision to follow the Oxford band's 'pay-what-you-want' release format.  First single 'Sinking Ships' oozes with Radiohead's over driven guitars and drumbeats, not so in a way that it's a direct rip off, as Capitals sound comfortably settled into a sound they can make their own.  It's impressive to note that while this song sounds packed full of the power from a full band, Capitals are in fact an electronic duo.  The production on this track is outstanding, and beefs up all the elements to add real power to the underlying gloom.  Vocally, there is a magnetism to Angus' voice, which the music plays to.  I really like this track, it's wormed it's way into my subconscious without even trying too hard!

Second single 'Jealousy' is a chip of a similar styled block.  A well constructed bassline and drumbeat pick the pace up a notch in comparison to 'Sinking Ships'.  Again, I'm drawn to a Radiohead reference, as there's a feel of 'Jigsaws Falling Into Place' that I can't shake.  It's a sound that I like though, so I've no quibbles with this.  'Jealousy', as the name gives away, has a darker current running through it, but strangely for me is the more 'radio-friendly' of the two tracks.  It does gloom-rock much better than some of the bigger name pretenders have pulled off in the past.

Download Capitals 'Sinking Ships' / 'Jealousy' on a Pay-What-You-Want basis here

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